Industries Served

  • Aerospace

    H&H Swiss components are used in the most sophisticated instrumentation supporting the largest aerospace market in the world –the United States. Our ISO 9001:2008 quality systems assure unmatched performance of our parts in large civil aircraft, rotorcraft, general aviation, engines and unmanned aircraft systems.

  • Communications

    The information age relies on technology that’s both soft and hard. Giant enterprises, as well as start-ups, use the parts made by H&H Swiss to help store, retrieve, transmit and receive digital and analog information.

  • Life Science

    Applied science never stops in working to improve life on earth. H&H Swiss components support the technological advances within the branches and sub disciplines that help to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases.

  • Energy

    Producing energy or working to conserve or reduce it, requires precision parts to support the work of domestic and global enterprises. H&H Swiss has provided such parts since 1945.

  • Military

    H&H Swiss provides our military customers with the highest reliable parts and solutions to integral military equipment and systems–helping to provide our country with the best military equipment in the world. H&H capabilities and experience are proud to be part of today and tomorrow’s military needs.

  • Transportation

    Whatever the mode, giant machinery and sophisticated instruments move people and freight via air, land, water. North America’s largest transportation industries have been getting their precision parts from H&H Swiss for over 7 decades.