Equipment / Services

  • CNC Swiss

    Our single-spindle CNC machines provide multi-axis machining for a wide variety of parts with complex geometries up to 38mm in diameter. With 90 machines ranging from 12-38mm, we have the capacity to support your requirements.

    (22) Machines - L10/L12/L16/L20/L38/A20
    (41) Machines - SR16/RNC16/SV32/S32
    (27) Machines - B012/B205/B206
  • Swiss Automatic

    These traditional cam machines provide a low-cost alternative when machining less complex parts with large length to diameter ratios. Close tolerances and exceptional surface finishes are routinely achieved. Internally, a minimum 1.67 CPK is required for each key characteristic to assure process stability before production begins.

    (60) Tornos
    R10 / R125 / R16 / RR20
  • Escomatic

    With (55) Model D2 and D6 Escomatics we are capable of machining micro components from .030” in diameter. These coil fed machines offer a significant advantage in minimizing load time and maximizing output.

    (55) D2 and D6