The Benefits of Order Management – Streamlined order processing

What do precision parts from a CNC Swiss turning center, a Swiss Cam Machine or the components for the Escomatic Screw Machines have in common?

Built into the value of every custom-machined component that H&H Swiss manufactures is a reliable and responsive order management team that helps reduce the cost of procurement for customers and drive their total cost of ownership. A structured process supported by open communication facilitates accurate order processing and delivery, flexible order modifications and prompt re-order notification of all your custom-machined components. The H&H Swiss system achieves our customers overall operational goals by streamlining inventories and procurement, shortening lead times, increasing working capital, and driving greater cost reductions.

Why Order Management Matters

    • • Time-saving order prompting and processing


    • • Special-request assistance


    • • Useful communication


    • • Support of supply chain objectives


H&H Swiss provides an effective order management system to lower the total cost of ownership of your machined components. Take a closer look. The value can’t be compared.

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