Capabilities / Equipment

  • CNC Swiss

    Our Tornos Deco and Citizen single spindle machines provide live tooling and multi-axis machining for a wide variety of parts with complex geometries up to 32mm. With (18) CNCs currently in operation and more being planned, we consistently meet or exceed our customer’s demanding schedules when running production volumes.

    20mm, 25mm and 32mm
    L12 / L20 / A20
  • Swiss Automatic

    These traditional cam machines provide a low-cost alternative when machining less complex parts with large length to diameter ratios. Close tolerances and exceptional surface finishes are routinely achieved. Internally, a minimum 1.67 CPK is required for each key characteristic to assure process stability before production begins.

    (60) Tornos
    R10 / R125 / R16 / RR20
  • Escomatic

    With (55) Model D2 and D6 Escomatics we are capable of machining micro components from .030” in diameter. These coil fed machines offer a significant advantage in minimizing load time and maximizing output.

    (55) D2 and D6